Welcome to North Lakes Health Hub. As you begin your recovery journey with our team we would like to highlight some engagement policies which govern our practice at the Hub. Outlined below are five policies that will require your acceptance before you commence your journey with us. We look forward to forming a positive and productive working partnership with you and your professional support team to enhance your return to a full functioning life.

1. eForms

At North Lakes Health Hub, we are a full paperless Hub. As such all our forms are electronic. The forms replicate and replace the paper versions that continue to be in place for many other clinics and practices. There are three types of forms that you will come across during your engagement with the Hub.

  1. Hub Engagement Form – this form collects all your demographic and personal details, as well as a full medical history intake and an acceptance of these policies. This is a once off form.
  2. Discipline specific forms – depending on the practitioner you see (i.e., psychologist, physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, massage therapist or fitness coach) will determine which form you are asked to fill in when you attend your first appointment at the Hub. This form asks specific information about your needs for that service. This is a once off form unless you have a different need or injury.
  3. Reflective forms – this form collects valuable information for your practitioner to assist with increasing the value of the time you have available with them. The reflective form allows you (whilst you are waiting for your appointment) to start reflecting on how you have progressed since your last visit at the Hub. You will be asked to complete this form each time you visit the Hub.

2. Cancellation of appointments

When you are allocated an appointment with a practitioner at the Hub, this time is reserved purely for you. At North Lakes Health Hub we require 24 hours notice from the time of your appointment to cancel your appointment without incurring a cancellation fee (not including emergencies). This 24 hour notice allows our team to offer that valuable appointment time to another person who is on our waiting list. Please note that all Hub patrons will receive a first time cancellation waiver with less than 24 hours notice.

You will receive your appointment reminders 48 hours prior to your appointment to allow ample opportunity for you to cancel should you need to. Ongoing cancelled appointments without 24 hour notice incurs the following cancellation fees:

  1. 30 minute appointments = $35 cancellation fee
  2. 60 minute appointments = $60 cancellation fee

3. Confidentiality and Information Sharing

The information you provide us with is treated as confidential and as such is governed by our professional Code of Ethics. We will require to share certain types of information about you and our work with you, with your referring doctor, WorkCover, DVA contact person or Third Party Insurance representatives. Your Hub practitioner will aim to discuss the types of information required to be shared, with you where possible prior to sharing this information. It is not always possible to include you in such correspondences if they are requested by WorkCover and DVA.

4. Third Party Legal Requests (Psychology Only)

If you are no longer a current client of the Hub Psychologist/s you will be required to re-engage for a brief appointment for release of session notes to legal third parties. This policy allows the client to directly obtain a copy of all their notes for their discretionary use. A report can be generated to summarise your session outcomes for your legal representative (at the appropriate Report Fee) with a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

5. Report writing request

Our practitioners at the Hub are able and willing to assist you with writing a report for your benefit. We pride ourselves in providing quality documentation and as such need to allocate time to write these reports. Our practitioners at the Hub will require a minimum of 2 weeks notice for request of reports. The report will be released within 24 hours to the Payer once the full report fee is received in our account.