Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy Services

Physiotherapy services at North Lakes Health Hub are amongst the best available to the community on the north side of the river. North Lakes Health Hub Physiotherapy provides tailored treatments and functional solutions for everything from sports injuries to headaches. You will work directly with an experienced physiotherapist, who will treat your symptoms to promote long-lasting relief.

We employ a multifaceted and holistic approach to healing in order to provide you with meaningful results. Our highly qualified team of physiotherapists provide the following treatments to name a few : core stability, deep tissue massage, dry needling, electrotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, myofascial release, real time ultrasound, spinal mobilisations and trigger point therapy.

Our esteemed physiotherapy team have access to range of specialised tools that they can implement to help you.  Some of the unique tools that we use here at North Lakes Health Hub Physiotherapy include but at not limited to include Digital Running Analysis, Sports Screening Program, Core strengthening using a method of 1 on 1 pilates reformer and hydrotherapy.

At North Lakes Health Hub we are privileged to have a qualified Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist who is leading our physiotherapy team to excellence. Gavin continues to be sought out by Queensland Academy of Sport and Australian Athletics for his incredible skill set.