Exercise Physiology Services

North Lakes Health Hub boosts the inclusion of skills of and exception Exercise Physiologist on the team.  All your physical wellbeing and exercise needs with an underpinning medical condition will be astutely managed by our exercise physiologist.

Our Exercise physiologist has an in depth understanding of the training demands of athletes ranging from developmental to Olympic levels.

Some of the specialised services that you can expect to receive at North Lakes Health Hub Exercise Physiology includes but is not limited to are: f physiologic assessment and scientifically backed principles to achieve athletic performance goals, treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, emphasising the correction of total body biomechanics to enhance movement quality.

In addition to this, our exercise physiologist will work closely with General Practitioners to develop targeted lifestyle interventions for a range of chronic and complex conditions including: obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, dementia and cancers, in addition to neurological, cardiovascular, metabolic, pulmonary and mental health disorders.

Consistent with our ethos of quality education leading to increased client participation in improving their own health-based outcomes, exercise physiology at North Lakes Health Hub promotes quality education delivery.