North Lakes Health Hub Services

Physiotherapy Services

North Lakes Health Hub Physiotherapy provides tailored treatments and functional solutions for everything from sports injuries to headaches.

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Psychology Services

Our psychologists can work with you to reflect and take back control of your life. We achieve this through increased self-awareness and sensible practical strategies.

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Exercise Physiology Services

All your physical wellbeing and exercise needs with an underpinning medical condition will be astutely managed by our exercise physiologist.

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Massage Services

Massage can to reduce your pain and improve your free movement. Our massage sessions can be very specific to particular areas of the body or focused on the entire body.

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Dry Needling Services

Dry needling may provide short-term pain relief and can be used in combination with other treatments. We provide both Dry needling services as part of our physiotherapy services.

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Fitness Coaching Services

Reach your fitness goals with our one-to-one personal training, or in a small group training session in a supportive environment.

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