North Lakes Health Hub Programs

Youth Alive

Our focus is on bringing Youth Alive. This program is especially designed for young people (9-15 years) who want to develop a healthy baseline through activity and movement. The Youth Alive program is tailored to teach mental and physical strategies to help cope with the emotional roller coaster that is teenagerhood. This program will include a variety of exercise modalities, mind strategies and we will have the optimal food available to recover after sessions.

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Back and Core

Our Back and Core class is specifically targeted towards strengthening the muscles around your spine to enhance your quality of movement. This program was designed by our physiotherapy team to improve your movement and help manage lower back concerns by completing Pilates based and functional movement exercises.

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Mindfulness Meditation

To create a better balance in your life, take control of those times when you feel like you have no control and be able to centre yourself on your command…. Come and join our mindfulness meditation classes at the Hub. We will teach you the skills to manage stress and anxiety, using mindfulness activities and breathing techniques. These classes will help you to focus on being present in the moment, bringing you balance and calm to your mind and body.

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Social Communication Group

A small group program tailored to build skills for young people (11-13 years) with social challenges. Build meaningful social connections and communication skills, learn social rules, manage social interactions with confidence and learn to regulate your emotions for social situations. Our goal is to nurture belonging, where young people can learn and thrive. 16-week program, Four Participant Group, Skills for Life.

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Youth Adapt

Adolescence can be a tricky time for many youths. During this time youth often struggle with stress, emotional and behavioural issues that can affect self-esteem and self-worth. Youth Adapt utilises the holistic and multidisciplinary approach of the Health Hub to increase the physical, emotional, and mental wellness and resilience for at risk youths. This program will include resistance training and strategies to help improve focus, attention, mood, sense of self-worth and more.

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